Come Work With Us

A position at Frog is an opportunity to hone your customer service skills and strengthen your sense of community.

In this fast-paced service field, teamwork and mutual respect are essential traits in interacting with customers and coworkers.

You’ll have the chance to give customers a satisfying experience, work toward a common goal, and develop key personal skills in a way that will extend outside your job or career.

Frog Hollywood

Available Positions

1550 North Cahuenga Boulevard
Hollywood, CA 90028

Delivery Driver

job ID: 3088882

The Delivery Driver represents Frog beyond the store. Provided a specialized delivery vehicle, the Driver is responsible for ensuring all customers’ orders arrive timely and orderly. Additional duties may include those of a Store Associate. 23+ Years of Age and a valid CA license for 5 years is required for this position.

Shift Lead

job ID: 8019983

Shift Leads are accountable for making certain all tasks are completed and all operations run smoothly during the shift. Working and interacting on the floor with customers and co-workers, this is a great opportunity to expand leadership skills. Responsibilities include but are not limited to: Overseeing Deliveries, Handling Customer Requests, as well as the responsibilities of a Store Associate.


job ID: 2130909

Managers supervise and are responsible for all in-store operations. In addition to contributing to management decisions, this position holds the most accountability for oversight in all daily operations. Responsibilities include but are not limited to: Schedule Preparation, Order Preparation/Processing, Supplier Communications, employee management as well as the responsibilities of a Shift Lead. The Manager should have the capability and skills to completely run the store.

Store Associate

job ID: 9873343

Store Associates form the vital foundation of Frog’s daily operations.  Above all else, the Associate’s responsibility is to represent and maintain the premier, immaculate Frog Frozen Yogurt Bar. This level of customer service requires a proper attitude, discipline, and attentiveness to detail. Responsibilities include but are not limited to: Customer Assistance, POS Operations, Fresh Produce Preparation, General Front-of-House and Back-of-House Maintenance.